ICOLD 2016 – Symposium: Extensión del plazo para envio de Resúmenes

ICOLD-2016 Se ha decidido extender la fecha límite de aceptación de resúmenes hasta el 30 de Septiembre de 2015. El título del simposio es “Appropriate Technology to Ensure Proper Development, Operation and Maintenance of Dams in Developing Countries”.

Los Temas son:

1)      Social and environmental impacts and mitigation measures;

2)      Advances in the rehabilitation of dams and appurtenant works to extend their service life including the following:

  1. Improving spillway capacity and flood hydrology determination;
  2. Structural improvements to mitigate the effects of alkali aggregate reaction, internal erosion potential, foundation failure;

3)      Innovative river basin management including the optimisation of the operation of dams;

4)      Reservoir sedimentation and management;

5)      The state of the art of the tailings dams for their complete lifespan;

6)      Strategies for proper surveillance of dams;

7)      Sustainable hydropower development in developing countries;

Further detail is on the ICOLD 2016 website http://www.icold2016.org.  Abstracts must be submitted in English via the online system which is now active.  Refer to the tab entitled “Abstract/Paper Submission”.  The template format for the Abstract is attached and can also be downloaded from the website.   Please ensure that the questionnaire at the bottom of the template is completed.

Please also refer to the website in connection with the use of French for presentations in one of the sessions where simultaneous interpretation will be provided.