ICOLD 2020 Annual Meeting / Symposium


Mr. Devendra Kumar Sharma
Vice President, ICOLD
President Indian National Committee on Large Dams

Inviting 100 National Committees to 88th Annual Meeting of ICOLD.

On behalf of the Indian National Committee on Large Dams (INCOLD), it is an honour for me to cordially invite you and your accompanying person to attend the 88th Annual Meeting of the International Commission on Large Dams and Symposium on Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins being held in New Delhi from 4-10 April, 2020. I would also like to invite all the Departmental Heads and professionals dealing with Dams in India to this event.

India has built 5264 dams which includes Bhakra, Tehri, Sardar Sarovar and many more mega projects and 437 dams are under construction. The Dam industry in India has contributed significantly towards meeting the growing water and power demand of the country, yet India is facing increasing pressure on water resources due to population growth, urbanization and creeping effect of climate change.

The 88th ICOLD Annual Meeting will provide an excellent platform for researchers, scientists, engineers, policy makers and young professionals working in the field of energy and water resources management around the world. This meeting will definitely act as confluence of brilliant minds and provide an interactive platform to share path breaking ideas on the theme ‘Sustainable Development of Dams and River Basins’ besides Special Workshops including the workshops of the ICOLD Technical Committees.

The Indian National Committee on Large Dam (INCOLD) has prepared an excellent program in an exciting venue for the 88th Annual Meeting of ICOLD. In view of our challenges to further develop this century’s dams and reservoirs worldwide and combating the effects of climate change, I invite you to the 88th Annual meeting to discuss and deliberate on emerging professional issues along with meeting the ICOLD family. Special programs have been planned for the accompanying person. Delegates would enjoy attractive social evening program. Besides visiting excellent technological examples of dams and hydropower projects, the delegates will also have opportunity to discover beautiful and impressive tourist sites in New Delhi and other parts of India as well as rich cultural heritage of the country during different tours being organized for the foreign guests to explore India.

I am looking forward to welcoming and meeting the ICOLD family, old members as well as newcomers in New Delhi.